Aslico Academy



ASLICO ACADEMY represents a new addition at Teatro Sociale di Como, thanks to the contribute and support of “S’illumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura”, announcement given by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and SIAE. Established in Milan in 1949, AsLiCo had been instituted in order to «pave the way to the young students who were provided with suitable natural talent by means of the experimental theatre» and to «transform the didactic and experimental work, both theatrical and artistic, from being a job to being a real vocation». Strengthened throughout the years, AsLiCo has broadened its horizons, promoting several initiatives and projects which are always oriented to the education of young artists – singers, operators, directors, musicians –, offering important job opportunities as well as artistic growth and paving the way for the birth of ASLICO ACADEMY.

A place to meet and study, where young singers will have the opportunity to attend preparatory courses and courses specialised to the preparation of the Lyric Season’s  plays (organised in cooperation with Opera Lombardia), achieving an artistic preparation aimed to the gradual addition to a professional operatic circuit. The development of a singer cannot only limit itself to the sole acquisition of musical skills (which can already be regarded as a great achievement), but also has to achieve broadened inter-disciplinary skills, so that the young singer is able to consciously face the modern work environment.

ASLICO ACADEMY wants to be a reference point for young artists, for the possibilities of artistic and professional growth and for the strong formation which will be needed in order to achieve a long-lasting career.

The flagship of AsLiCo is the Contest for Young Lyric Singers of Europe. Reaching its 68th edition in 2017, it is a rare example of ‘made in Italy’ excellence: many singers have passed from here who are now known as icons for the lyric opera, from Carlo Bergonzi, Mirella Freni, Paolo Montarsolo, Katia Ricciarelli, Renata Scotto to Simone Alaimo, Daniela Dessì, Ambrogio Maestri, and many more.

Winning the AsLiCo Contest means being able to study and debut along prestigious co-workers, exposing to the professional environment of the lyric opera on all Italian stages. And while waiting for the autumn season, thanks to the Academy, singers will have the chance to perfect themselves with very good teachers, cultivating the art of singing and learning the ‘job’ through concerts, flash mobs, outdoor rehearsals and meetings with the public. In  this way, the winners, the adequates and singers who will stand out in every edition of the AsLiCo Contest (maximum number is 10 participants), will get the opportunity to study in the Academy.

The Academy’s courses, compulsory attendance, will be held from February to October, in different modules divided between theoretical and laboratory courses. They will be ran by well known teachers, which represent the excellence in their field: directors, operators, choreographer, singers, vocal coaches, preparatory teachers, playwrights, musicologists, managers and artistic directors. Teachers will be chosen by the Directorate of AsLiCo, based on the specific aims of every course and related to the operatic productions that the singers will be placed into. Following these lessons, courses of history of the music, poetry, drama, scenic art, body awareness, relaxing techniques and physical training, musical management and communication, languages and much more will be held. As an example, the Theatre Magdeburg offers to the winners of Die Zauberflöte a theatrical residency in Germany to study German, taking into account the forecasted Mozart production. A significant occasion for the young singers to study along mother tongue German teachers.

These courses will also be backed up by practical experience, as we believe that a job is only learnt though practicing, facing the public and verifying what has been studied. The singers will be placed in several activities organised by AsLiCo, such as little concerts, previews and meetings with the public, European Opera Days, ‘Intorno al Festival’ and ‘Fai il pieno d’opera’.


The young singers will follow courses of vocal technique, interpretation, scenic art and musical comprehension of librettos with the help of musicologists, preparatory teachers, operators, directors and well known artists.


The course will allow the improvement of the study of both single and group roles. From a vocal, scenic and interpretative point of view, courses will be held by preparatory teachers, as well as operators and directors of the plays which will be staged during the Lyric Season.

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