The Grand Chinese New Year Concert

January, 23 – h. 8.30 pm 



China National Traditional Orchestra

Following the phases of the lunar calendar, the Grand Chinese New Year Concert has crossed the threshold of 25 countries and 200,000 spectators worldwide, making it one of the most successful formats of its kind. a journey far through the streets of the Silk, through traditional Chinese music performed on original instruments, which will give us unknown and dreamy atmospheres, that evoke different worlds and cultures. a large orchestra will invade our stage and fascinate us with unusual harmonies and sounds.

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Date e prezzi

Unique seat at 25,00€ + 2,50€ of presale





The Chinese Music with Suzhou Charm


1.         Spring Festival Overture《春节序曲》  ———- 5’10’’

Composer: Li Huanzhi 作曲:李焕之

Rearranged: Peng Xiuwen 改编:彭修文


2.         Jasmine Flower《茉莉花》—————————— 9’28’’

Composer: Liu Wenjin 作曲:刘文金


3.         The Butterfly Dream 《庄周梦》————-30’00’’

Composer: Zhao Jiping 作曲:赵季平

Cellist: Kang Qiaoxuan 大提琴:康乔瑄

- Intervallo –


4.         Lyric Variation《抒情变奏曲》————17’05’’

Composer: Liu Changyuan 作曲:刘长远


5.         Moon Reflected in the Er Quan 《二泉映月》—-6’28’’

Composer: Hua Yanjun 编曲:朱昌耀

Erhu Soloist: Zhu Changyao二胡:朱昌耀


6.         Yangzhou Melody 《杨州小调》————————10’00’’

Attrangement: Zhu Changyao 编曲:朱昌耀


7.         Macau Cappricio 《澳门随想曲》——————-18’50’’

Composer: Wang Danhong作曲:王丹红


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