The Teatro Sociale Junior Season

Family Season

Sunday, 1st October –16.00pm FROM 4 YEARS


of and with Manuela Capece e Davide Doro
Production Compagnia Rodisio
in cooperation with Unicorn Theatre (London), Espace600
(Grenoble), Teatro alla Corte/UOT (Collecchio), Centre d’Animation
de la Cité (Lausanne)
On stage a couple of friendly old people who narrates its daily life, based on simplicity and purity of feelings. An ode to life in good standing which concludes with a dancing feast, livened up by the public’s energy.


Sunday, 12th November – 16.00pm FROM 1 YEARS 


of Roberto Frabetti
Direction Valeria Frabetti
Production La Baracca Testoni

It is the marvelous journey of a child who, through a cloud, learns from above the skies the different worlds which the Earth consists of. Simplicity is the key to reach in a complex way children with the use of simple reinvented objects and beautiful boxes from which different settings that enclose small but big splendour come up each time.


Stage – Sunday, 3rd December – 16.00pm FROM 3 YEARS


taken from Carmen di Georges Bizet
Musical dramaturgy Federica Falasconi
Invention Luana Gramegna, Francesco Givone
opera Kids – X edition
Free entrance thanks to Como Città dei Balocchi

Here it is standing up, nervously drumming up and down the room with a trimmed pencil, when suddenly a red and dusty books falls from the library. Bizet reads the frontispiece: “Prosper Merimée, carmen…”. Hearing those words, the library magically lightens up and a peephole slowly opens up…A singer, an actor, bizarre puppets and a piano narrate Bizet’s creativity and his journey to finish his Carmen.

Sala Bianca – Sunday, 14th January – 16.00pm FROM 3 YEARS
In viaggio con il brutto anatroccolo

Direction Pia Mazza, Noemi Bresciani
Production Fata Morgana – Teatro San Teodoro
Taken from the famous story of Hans Christian Andersen

The show sees on stage three actors who, alongside music, sounds and scenic movements, will accompany the audience in a surge of emotions and astonishment. A story on diversity, as well as on the willingness to not give up in front of obstacles and which encourages us to believe in ourselves.

Villa Bernasconi, Cernobbio – 13th January, 16.00pm
Laboratory by Fata Morgana

Saturday, 17th February – 16pm and 20.30pm FROM 6 YEARS

CARMEN. La stella del circo Siviglia
of Georges Bizet
Direction Andrea Bernard
opera domani – XXII edition

Freedom is a status which Carmen cannot let go and, in order to keep it, she is willing to accept her death as predicted from the cards. Carmen wants to be free to love whoever she wants, she does not have a romantic attitude: she is passionate and instinctive.


Sunday, 11th March – 16.00pm FROM 4 YEARS

from Alberto Briganti’s book
Dramaturgy adaptation Ira Rubini
Production Teatro del Buratto

This is the story of copper’s beak, a goose that lost its beak fighting against a fox to defend the henhouse. The local vet was able to save the goose, reconstructing the beak with a prosthesis made of copper. A story which, using the metaphor of the animal world, deals with important themes such as diversity, disability and the significance of being welcomed and accepted.


Stage – Sunday, 4th March – 11.00am and 17.00pm FROM 0 TO 36 MONTHS

CARMEN. Rose Rosse per te
Taken from Carmen di Georges Bizet
Direction Manuela Capece, Davide Doro
Musical creation Federica Falasconi
in cooperation with Compagnia Rodisio
opera baby – IV edition

A red circle, a multitude of flowers welcomes the very young audience. A string of lights reminds of a town’s feast. A woman dances and a man plays his accordion, narrating without words the story of a big passion. It is a sensorial show dedicated to young kids.

Sunday, 15th April – 16.00pm FROM 3 YEARS


of and with Claudio Milani
Production MOMOM

The ‘Racconto alla Rovescia’ is a countdown, a metaphor of the time which goes by and articulates life with important desires and meetings.


Saturday, 5th May – from 19.30pm to 9.30am FROM 6 YEARS

with Fata Morgana

A fantastic night in the theatre accompanied by stories, tales and visions, together with other children. Enchanted tales, experienced in different and creative ways on the theatre’s stage of your city, next to other known and unknown friends, to spend unforgettable hours together.
BRING WITH YOU: a sleeping bag, a pyjama, a pair of flip flops, a torch, a small towel, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a water bottle.
WE WILL PROVIDE: dinner and breakfast.

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